5 Ways to Create a More Sustainable Bathroom

Protecting our environment is a huge job, but there are some small changes you can make to your bathroom space and daily routines that will make a big difference!

  1. Use Bamboo Products

    You can substitute plastic toothbrushes and nylon dental floss with bamboo options so easily now days. Available in many supermarkets, these great alternatives that reduce pollution as bamboo plants reduce up to 35% carbon dioxide in the climate and deliver more oxygen. You’ll find that all good sustainable products also come in eco-friendly packaging.

    2. Toothpaste Alternatives

    On the global level, it is estimated that we discard 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes every single year – wow. Plastics in landfill take more than 700 years to even begin bio-degradation which, coupled with the statistics from just one tiny household item, is a very scary thought! Switch to alternatives like home-made toothpaste, toothy tabs from Lush, toothpaste whose tubes are made with sustainable materials, or even buying a brand who encourage you to return the tubes for recycling like ecostore.

    3. Bars are Better

    What was once a niche option relegated to health stores is now a global revolution! As we slowly come to terms with our disposable lifestyles, brands the world over are working hard to create more sustainable options. Soap bars are one such option that has boomed onto the NZ market in recent years. Check out Ethique Shampoo and Conditioner bars in your local supermarket, or head to your local Lush to purchase (take your own packaging for an even more sustainable experience.) These products eliminate plastics and are often made from vegan ingredients. While the price might seem high compared to your usual shampoo, consider that these bars last up to three times longer and are much better for the environment.

    4. Upcycling is King

    We all fall for the appeal of mass produced, plastic items because they are affordable – but what is the true cost of your weekly trip to the dollar store? The world produces an insane amount of plastics waste each year, with a whopping 91% of that remaining unrecycled! Think outside the box the next time you want to decorate your bathroom – consider alternatives using materials you already have to create a sustainable substitute. You’ll feel more accomplished and you’ll be proud to play a part in saving the earth one item at a time!

    5. Yay to Grey Water

    Sometimes we in the first world forget that water is the world’s most important commodity. We are all guilty of long showers, leaving the faucet running while we brush our teeth, and filling out tubs to the brim with soothing hot water. It’s okay to pamper yourself every once and a while, but you can give back to the environment by collecting unused water from your shower in a small bucket (the final rinse, or last few minutes of showering.) This is called grey water and can be used to water plants, and can even be boiled and re-used in drought.

    Athena Bathrooms is committed to working towards sustainable practices.

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