Think Different With Tiles

Athena Bathrooms talks to Anna Williams from Tile Warehouse about exploring different tile shapes and patterns in your bathroom.

Bathroom tiles can add texture, bold colour, and unique personality to a bathroom space. Like living rooms and kitchens, Kiwis are now using the style and products in their bathrooms to reflect who they are as people. Using unique and interesting tiling solutions alongside considered bathwares has become the winning formula to create a bathroom truly one’s own.

Square Loft Sylvania tiles with playful Moroccan print from Tile Warehouse

Moving away from traditional tile shapes is one of the ways that Kiwis are personalizing their bathroom spaces.  “The standard White Subway tile is always popular but the rectangle subway tile is getting pushed out of the way for funkier shapes like hexagons and scallops” says Anna of Tile Warehouse, citing the increased popularity in fan, hexagonal, and lantern shaped tiles.

Milestone Tiles from Tile Warehouse in Lantern, Hexigon, and Fan styles.


Hexagonal tiles are popping up more and more in transitional spaces and recesses in bathrooms largely mono coloured bathrooms, and offer a geometric focal point in minimalist spaces. Full bodied porcelain Topcer Hexagons provide playfulness, marrying geometry and art to create subtle but inspirational spaces.

In dark, brooding colours, Scallop or Shell tiles inspire memories of Art Deco murals and sumptuous Great Gatsby-esque extravagance. Pair this with an elegent Athena tiled wall shower or freestanding bath to further increase these feelings of luxury. Then the same tile shape in blues and whites reminds of seascapes and the textured shells rubbing against the soles of our feet. Create a coastal vibe with stone and flax accents atop an Athena natural wood-look vanity, made right 100% here in New Zealand. Choice!

Modern interior. Spacious kitchen with white brick wall featuring latern shaped tiles.

In either case, the combination of tile shape and colour deliver a distinctive personality to your space that will not be overlooked.

Of course, rectangular and square tiles will always be a-la-mode because of their versatility and timeless appeal.

Incorporating shape into the pattern on a square tile is another popular choice among kiwis. “Moroccan style is huge at the moment” Anna tells us, offering bright examples of water-colour stamp style Sylvania and Mina Grafton tiles, and geometrically rigid wood-look Travola. These interesting patterns lend themselves to more paired back choices in bathware like handleless vanities, frameless showers, and polished edge mirrors.

Mina Grafton Square Tiles from Tile Warehouse

If you are thinking of giving your bathroom the personality make over it deserves, get in touch with the team at Tile Warehouse for expert tiling solutions, and the team at Athena for a large range of 100% NZ made bathware solutions.


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