Our vanity Cabinets are made in New Zealand

Yes, that’s right!  All of our cabinets are manufactured right here in New Zealand, with wood sourced from FSC Certified New Zealand Forest plantations, and the local board manufacturing factories are Environmental Choice Certified.

New Zealand manufacturers lead the world in developing Low Emission products, and all our cabinetry uses locally produced board which conforms to the worldwide Low Emission Standard of E1 or better.

Some cabinets produced overseas have a higher and potentially harmful level of formaldehyde that can leach out of the products after being installed. These cabinets may be in circulation in New Zealand, but you can be sure with our cabinets that you don’t need to worry about this.

Help your customers make an informed choice by giving them all the facts about our cabinets.

Download the details of our vanity finishes below to see what we offer in Standard, Textured Durachique and High Gloss Exochique vanity finishes:

Athena Bathrooms Vanity Finishes

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