Sensory Design: Making your Bathroom a Wellness Space

Athena Bathroom’s Katy Merrett talks to design heavyweight Sonya Cotter about how to transform your bathroom into a wellness space using sensory design techniques and clever industry insights.

In a world of community spaces,  the bathroom is one of the last places in our lives and in our homes where we can be alone. Sonya discusses inspirational ideas for making your bathroom a sanctuary and offers great advice for renovators who want to achieve maximum relaxation.

Bathrooms are no longer a utilitarian space,  they are also an experience. They are “a space to find balance, a space to take time, a space to breathe.”

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Key Messages:

● Avoid sterility by colorizing your space, using large windows and wholesome views, and accessorizing.

● Bathrooms are more connected to our bedrooms than ever

● Create a Spa-like feel with natural textures and tiles and exploring wood-like finishes for your bathware

● Your bathroom is not just a usable space, it is also a space used for display, music, aroma and other sensory experiences

● Explore new options for bathwares that eliminate problems common in bathrooms such as the Contro Bath Series from Athena which makes cleaning around a freestanding tub quick and easy.

● Collect storage units in one space rather than distributing them around your bathroom, and take note of what you will actually be storing in your bathroom

● Be considerate of lighting and consider what you feel when you flick the switch. Not every light needs to come on when you enter a bathroom. Consider mood lighting, back-lit LED mirrors and directional lights.

For more handy tips, watch the video featured above or speak to an expert at Athena Bathrooms today.

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