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5 Ways to Create a More Sustainable Bathroom

Protecting our environment is a big job, but there are some small changes you can make to your bathroom space and daily routines that will make a big difference!.. read more

Think Different With Tiles

Athena Bathrooms talks to Anna Williams from Tile Warehouse about exploring different tile shapes in your bathroom... read more

Sensory Design: Making your Bathroom a Wellness Space

Transform your bathroom into a wellness space using sensory design techniques and clever industry insights... read more

2020 Vision: Tiled Showers

If you are looking to create a sanctuary of relaxation in your bathroom, Athena recommends installing a tiled shower... read more

Bathroom Battles: Wall Hung vs. Freestanding Vanities

Who will win? Athena Bathrooms explores the pros and cons of two popular vanity styles.. read more

Top 5 Tips for Exceptional Bathroom Renovations in 2020

Explore 5 Top Tips for Exceptional Bathroom Renovations in 2020.. read more

The Future is Compact

Compact living is becoming increasingly popular in kiwi urban centers. Athena is here to give you a few easy tips to make small spaces functional and beautiful... read more

Athena Bathrooms Create Vanity Range

The reasons listed below make the Athena Create Vanity Range a good choice for you and your family as they take into account the smaller considerations you wouldn't necessarily think about when buying a vanity... read more

Freestanding Baths still reign supreme

No need for awkward timber bath frames or costly tiling of bath boxes with Athena’s stylish Contro bath range... read more

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