ShowerMaster Vibrance Surface Cleaner

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Vibrance is a range of cleaners specifically developed and made in New Zealand for surfaces commonly used in the bathroom.
The Vibrance range of cleaners will not cause damage to Athena’s range of products and will clean bathroomware to maintain a like-new finish.

Formulated to clean and remove soap build up from showers, baths and vanity tops/basins.
Suitable for use on acrylics but may also be used on Vitreous China, Porcelain and Mineral Composite surfaces.

Before using on other bathroomware please test on an inconspicuous area.

Please refer to our Retailers page for branches that can order the Vibrance cleaner range.

Athena Code: 090185 - RRP $POA

Note this price is only a suggested retail price. Please contact your local plumbing or building retailer to confirm price and to order.

If the part does not match exactly then the shower itself will need to be identified to see if a suitable replacement part is available - please visit the contact us page for enquiries.

We are unable to confirm suitability of this spare part for products other than our own.

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