For more than 40 years, Athena Bathrooms reputation has been built on designing and manufacturing classic, contemporary and luxury bathroomware for New Zealand homes, using quality materials that are made to last.

We work with a multitude of Group Home Builders, Specifiers and Architects and our products are available at all leading Plumbing & Building Merchants nationwide.

Our key objective is to provide superior solutions to the trade industry and home owners that not only meet broad design requirements but are also safe and of the highest quality. Manufacturing trusted products using quality materials is crucial to ensure our products can withstand daily use for years to come.

Overall it’s about being a responsible manufacturer with an understanding of our customer – the New Zealand consumer.

Our Environmental Impact

Athena Bathrooms is committed to conduct its operations with minimal impact on the environment, to comply with applicable environmental legislative and regulatory requirements, and where possible, strive towards continued improvement, to ensure the environment is not adversely impacted by our activities.

We are also members of the Future Proof Building initiative which involves choosing features and solutions for the build industry to best suit and improve quality of life, contributing towards minimising maintenance and improving the longevity and value of homes.

Through the Tomorrow’s Show Home programme our products are featured in the latest builds throughout New Zealand. The purpose of the programme is to help you get tips and ideas to explore your dream home so you can get your build right the first time. We believe in the building of smarter and more sustainable homes.

For Athena Bathrooms, our commitment to FPB and Tomorrow's Show Homes is to supply quality products, reduce product life cycles, ensure health and safety features within our products, all while being aware of our environmental and resource responsibilities.

Environmental Policy